About Us

Nerus Records was formed by the late Ray Alexander, in order to release his first album, Cloud Patterns.
Since then, Ray released Rain In June under the Nerus label, followed by Vigorous Vibes on Cat's Paw Records.



Cloud Patterns
Rain In June
Vigorous Vibes


In 2000, Russell "Hitman" Alexander released his debut CD, Blooztown with his group, The Hitman Blues Band.

Following Ray's untimely passing in 2002, his wife Joan took over the label.
The Hitman Blues Band has since released a total of 6 CDs, including the newest release, "The World Moves On".

"Live At Stonybrook" (2005), "Pale Rider" (2008), "Blues Enough" (2013) and "The World Moves On" (2016) were all in the running for Grammy nominations.

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Angel In The Shadows
Live At Stony Brook University
Pale Rider
Blues Enough
The World Moves On



To contact us, please send an e-mail to Nerus Records. Thank you!